Mark Setteducati (Gathering for Gardner) and other distinguished guests at the Festival of Mathematical Games!

Mark Setteducati (video) the famous magician and inventor of puzzles, co-founder and president of the Foundation Gathering for Gardner, and longtime friend of Martin Gardner, will attend the XIX edition of “Everything is number” with the show “Magic and mathematics” (thur. 21:15 to 22:45).

Moreover, Gianni Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber, the famous expert of puzzles and optical illusions, will present their latest book, “Pliages, decoupages et magie” (trad: “Bending, parings and magic”) with the workshop “Magic of the paradoxes” (thur. 17:45 -18.45).

And more, Angelo Guerraggio, director of the Center PRISTEM Bocconi, which organizes the Italian Championship of Mathematical Games, will talk about Abstract and concrete in mathematical games (Fri 21:45 to 22:30). Claudia Sodini (Assoc. Jugglers and nearby) will make us experience The mathematics of juggling (Fri 17:00 to 18:30) and Gian Italo Bischi (University of Urbino), will outline how Modelling rational decisions with game theory (Sat. 21:30 to 23:00). Finally our Giorgio Dendi will present his latest book, “2012 – a year of anagrams” (thur. 17:15 to 17:45).

For further information : guests and programme.

 Don’t miss it!

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